Team Siyarat did not happen just for business purposes: it is a group of car fanatics who are dedicated to provide the best platform in the country to buy and sell cars. Our aim is to provide both, the seller and the buyer, the best experience in the easiest way possible! Our platform will allow dealers to open their doors, not only to people in their area but to any potential customer in the country. Much like every car buyer, we always dreamt of buying cars from the comfort our homes and after years of hard work our dream finally came true with the creation of SIYARAT.

Through our business, together, we will grow as a family who shares a common interest which is none other than cars or shall we say SIYARAT? 
Siyarat.me is specifically designed to give the best car sales experience in the market. It insures a hassle-free experience for potential buyers who visit the website. It is very simple, what you see is what you get. SIYARAT.ME will offer cars and only cars for sale.

Our description is beyond useful for it includes many filters that can help buyers find their ideal car in more than one way.

Seeing that the internet is taking over the world, Siyarat.me will be useful for dealers and showrooms because it will help them grow an online market which will help them reach a larger number of customers. Instead of only attracting passers-by, dealers will be able to reach thousands of viewers. As for those who aren’t able to visit dealers in person, they will be able to redirect those buyers to their online dealership on our platform.
Simple and user friendly, our website will provide a great experience to all of our costumers. Whether young or old, our platform will help them find the right car.

Our website allows customers to see every single car in high definition photos with a highly detailed overview under the pictures that helps them know what the car has to offer. This experience will give buyers a greater chance of buying the car that suits them because everything they need to know is on the website.

Dealers can get a SIYARAT Membership that grants them the following:
  1. Have their own dealership on our website, for everything is becoming electronic.
  2. Have a personal link on our website that directs customers to their dealership. Example: if the dealership is named Luxury Cars, the link would be LUXURYCARS.SIYARAT.ME
  3. Have a link that directs customers to specific cars using a designated code. Example: every car posted on SIYARAT.ME will have its own unique SIYARAT CODE. If a customer calls Luxury Cars asking about a BMW X5, the dealer can give them the code that immediately directs them to that specific car.
  4. Have a larger audience and target for their dealership through SIYARAT
  5. Have their own SIYARAT.ME Sign that states that their dealership is available at WWW.SIYARAT.ME
Search Filters
Having many filters allows buyers to easily find the exact car that they are looking for. If they don’t really have specific criteria, and if no specific filters and reference is wanted, they can simply choose for a quick search which only includes Location, Make and Model.

Each car will have the below filters:
  1. Location (All cities will be included in the search)
  2. Price (Min/MAX)
  3. Mileage (MIN/MAX)
  4. Body type (Coupe, Convertible, Sedan, Minivan, Hatchback, truck, wagon, SUV/Crossover)
  5. Car Make/Model/Trim (Ex: MAKE: Mercedes-Benz, Model: A-Class, Trim: AMG)
  6. Warranty (YES/NO)
  7. Color (Interior/Exterior)
  8. Sunroof/Panoramic/Not Available
  9. Drive type (AWD, 4WD, FWD, RWD)
  10. Transmission (Automatic/Manual)
  11. Cylinders (3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 8 – 10 – 12)
  12. Dealer or Private
  13. Navigation Availability
  14. Bluetooth
  15. Screen
  16. Rear Entertainment
  17. Keyless Entry
  18. Diesel/Gasoline/Hybrid/Electric
  19. Doors: 2,3,4,5
  20. Registered/Not yet Registered
  21. New/Used